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Women Leadership Panels, Unity and Minority Panels, Activist Panels, Engagement Breakout Sessions.





OCTOBER 23 - 25, 2020

Philidelphia, PA

Our Mission

UnleashU Now is the perfect mix of conference and networking. Not only will you get tools to use and information to absorb but the motivation to live your best life. Connect with like-minded people that will be part of your journey. The combination of connecting with others and listening to expert speakers will destroy any shackles holding you back. For all those that want to live their best life and change the world, come be unleashed.

Who Will Speak

Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Thought Leaders, Content Creators, Change Makers, Growth and Community Activists, Coaches, Investors, and Start Ups.

Why You Should Attend

2020 conference is focusing this year on unity and diversity. We sat down and thought: How can we get a community of influencers together as well as community activists to talk about the problems we face and how they can be fixed. UnleashU Now was created to combine the most important parts of business and life: You will hear our expert speakers provide motivation & inspiration to help fuel and light your fire!

You will learn how to implement the tools and information being shared in your business or life! You will have the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded individuals with the same hunger to live the life of their dreams as the greatest version of themselves!

Schedule of Events

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2020 Speakers to be announced starting in July

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Previous Speakers

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Trent Shelton

A former NFL wide receiver that is now considered one of the most impactful speakers of this generation. He reaches over 60 million people weekly through hard hitting videos and unprecedented engagement. Though based in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife and two children, Trent connects with people all over the world through his speaking engagements.


Charlie Rocket

At the age of 29, he made the decision to reinvent his life in pursuit of his childhood dream to become an athlete, AND FROM THE FLAMES EMERGED CHARLIE ROCKET. He’s lost 135 pounds. Became vegan. Ran 3 marathons. Reversed the growth of his brain tumor. Became an Ironman. Just finished his nationally known Dream Machine bike tour across America. Is currently on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine and secured partnership with Nike.


The Coach
Mike Fabber

The Executive Director of Joseph Patrick Fabber Memorial Foundation, with the mission to prevent suicide, anti-drugs, and anti-bullying. He is a High-Performance Success Coach, author, entrepreneur, speaker, and owner of several businesses. The Coach Mike Fabber is the founder of UNLEASHU.


Rachel O'Rourke

Rachel O'Rourke is the owner/founder of O'Rourke Media and SPARK Events for Women. Her goal and mission with her events and programs is to wake people up from sleepwalking through their life and light the fire for change. 


Armando J. Hung

AJH New Perspective Coaching and Certified Career Coach with a specialty in leadership: I am the son of Cuban immigrant parents and am fluent in Spanish. I was born and raised in the city of Newark, NJ, a true melting pot of rich culture and diversity. My career has evolved from the early days as an educator to a career with a fortune 100 consumer products goods company for the last 26 years.


Richard K. Pope

Richard K. Pope is the Amazon Bestselling Author of "Love (Ahava)", a sought after speaker and performance poet, the host of the upcoming podcast "LostGen", and a Community Outreach Expert with thousands of hours of experience in the areas of Drug Demand Reduction, Homeless Outreach, Youth Development, Veteran and Military Support.


Sabah Ali

Sabah Ali is the Founder of Unforgettable by Sabah, she is an entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, coach, consultant, best selling author, brand and marketing expert. Unforgettable by Sabah focuses on teaching people to build an authoritative brand with credibility, done through coaching or consulting, she focuses on teaching others how to craft their story, brand message, and build their presence to attract the right type of audience.



John Marrone

After falling into a life of depression, selfish, anger, homelessness, poverty, addiction, negativity, helplessness, violence, and an overall victim mentality. He soon became aware he was living a small and unfulfilled life, ultimately hitting rock bottom in a jail cell. Now, as a world-renown speaker and life coach sharing the stage with people like Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Trent Shelton, and more John has had the opportunity to touch and shape the lives of thousands of people.


Amy Young

She is the Founder and CEO of Redefine Possibility, a media platform and coaching service for successful career women transitioning to a more purpose-driven life. Amy was a Top Partner Lead in Google's Global Partnerships group. She also spent 14 years at CBS Television, holding executive roles in Content Distribution, Business Development, and Sales. More recently she led People Operations for Princeton Mortgage.


Scott Schultz

Scott is a speaker, coach, and facilitator whose purpose is helping teams and organizations unlock the inspiration, possibility, and leadership potential necessary to achieve breakthrough results. Scott has more than 20 years of progressive leadership experience. His professional background also includes training and development roles with Fortune 500 companies as well as operations director roles for restaurant franchisees. 


Vishal Morjaria

Vishal Morjaria is the award-winning author of the book Master Your WOW, which is about discovering the real secret of the rich. He has spoken in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia inspiring people to live the life of their dreams. His style of speaking is engaging, high energy, and entertaining. As he speaks, you’ll start to get aha moments, you’ll learn the art of what it takes to go from little success to extreme success, from ordinary to extraordinary with the powerful methods that he teaches.


Kevin Cornelio

I engage with clients who are in leadership positions and use their gifts to inspire those around them. Through 1-on-1 and/or group coaching, we develop and implement the best tools and strategies to set and achieve their goals. These goals primarily target overcoming the most stressful/challenging factors they are dealing with in their day-to-day positions. I empower them to lead their most fulfilling lives, ultimately, allowing them to lead others in doing the same.


Kevin Laylor

He is a certified professional coach who believes there is an opportunity in every situation. The biggest opportunity is to experience our emotions and humanity, to gain insight, wisdom, and experience. What can I gain from this moment, who can I become from this moment, where I can go after this moment, why is the moment being provided for me? It is in asking a better question, that we free ourselves through better answers.


Brent Schott

Brent has been leading teams from a very young age. He has lead teams of 3 and teams of 30+. Brent’s career experience comes from 10 years in the food industry, 5 years in a Manufacturing Plant, 10 years of Full Time Ministry, and 2 years in B2B Sales and Training. Brent currently is A Corporate Trainer and Marketing Director for Affordable Business Systems, the Connections Pastor at Renovate Church, and a part of the #UnleashU Family!


Dr. Vincenza L. Fabber

She is a psychologist with 30+ years of experience in the behavioral/mental health field. Dr. Fabber was the Director of the Shore Memorial Hospital Children’s Center and Assistant Director of the Montessori Early Childhood School in Nassawadox, Virginia. In Pennsylvania, she was a consulting Behavioral Specialist at Scranton State School for the Deaf and served in a leadership role with Mentor. In her spare time, Dr. Fabber runs a therapeutic horse farm.


Billy McMullen

When Billy McMullen's football career ended after twice as long as an average NFL players career, he focused on making an even greater impact off the field. Billy has dedicated his life to spread the message of being Made Free 2 Be what you want to be in your personal and professional life. Billy has worked with the University of Virginia, St, Joseph Villa, Blue-Gray All American Bowl, The Woody Foundation and many more entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits. After 10 minutes with him you will not only have more confidence but the tools to make your dreams a reality.


Samar Kargbo

He has been speaking to groups large and small for over a decade. His joy and passion started in the church, where his natural talents were discovered and honed. Eventually, life took him away from church work, but he wasn’t whole without purpose. Samar’s dreams caught up with him and spring-boarded him into what all members of UnleashU are passionate about: helping people grow to the very best version of themselves.


Dr. West

Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA Dr. West was no stranger to the football field and with that he became acquainted with typical sports injuries including multiple concussions. After seeing doctor after doctor with no results he was introduced to a local Chiropractor that changed his body and life forever. You will be learning from a Warrior not only in life but in business, someone who has gotten through travail most cannot fathom and yet he still he has created 2 million dollar companies and that is only the beginning.

RayyaJoAnne . kk photo

JoAnne Olivere Ernsberger

JoAnne is a Mentor, Coach, Teacher, Trainer, Performer and lover of people and horses! Actually, all animals hold a place in JoAnne’s heart, starting from childhood, bringing in countless strays while growing up in Wilmington, Delaware. She’s been involved with horses all her life. JoAnne is a lively speaker and creative Thought Leader, with a keen interest in empowering people to embrace their gifts and to achieve goals and lasting change.


A.J. Vassar

A.J. Vassar: The Son of Patricia J. Perkins is a former Division one football player. The Author of "Day Grades" and creator of "Underground Wealth Road". After his football days A.J. found himself homeless and a mere five years later he donated five cars to five people less fortunate.


Mike Szczesniak

Mike is one of the top High Performance and Productivity coaches for Millennial digital marketers, entrepreneurs and sales professionals, and is certified through the High Performance Institute.


NaTascha Hughes

NaTascha "Taj" Hughes is a sought after Inspirational Speaker, Transformational Life Coach, Migration Strategist, Educator, Trainer, Author and the CEO of Another Level Training & Consulting Services, LLC. She is Cofounder & CoCoach at The Life MaXXed Institute, under the umbrella of Speight Strategies & Solutions, LLC.


Cam Manning

After 10 years of working for someone else Cameron made the decision to start his own company. He is the owner & CEO of Next Steps Media LLC. Next Step's goal is to help businesses take their next steps in capturing market share through social media and content marketing. He has a weekly blog outlining what it's like to start from 0 in the business world and build a company. Cameron's focus is to help people "Master the Ask"


Event MC - Alex McClure

Alex has worked closely with the Joseph Patrick Memorial Foundation since the beginning where he focuses on anti-bullying and suicide prevention. Now a member of UnleashU, Alex is working to improve the lives of those around him and support those who need to hear how important life really is. Alex is the M.C. of the event and will bring the hype so you can UnleashU.


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JPFMF Memorial Foundation

The Joseph Patrick Fabber Memorial Foundation is here to provide treatment services when needed. Our goal is to prevent suicide and stop bullying. Our mission: To promote a drug and bully free society while preventing suicide and preserving life.JPFMF is a non-profit organization. We run entirely on donations from the public to continue providing incredible services for children, families, and individuals in our community.


RehabTime is the bridge between the secular and the sacred. By erasing the dividing line that separates the two, we are able to bring people from all walks of life together for a common cause which is to uplift, educate, and empower people in their everyday life.

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