Business Course

This is perfect for anyone trying to grow, start, rebuild or recreate your business. We walk you through understanding, marketing, branding, customer interface and behind the curtain information that will turn any business from surviving to thriving if implanted properly. The course comes with 20 videos, 20 worksheets, a Facebook group, a weekly fb Live, a weekly zoom and 2 coaching calls and lasts a month long. The videos discuss the topics and give examples for you to understand yours better. The worksheets give you the opportunity to write your thoughts down and create the exact way to implement the teachings. The fb group gives you access to like-minded peers and some of the UnleashU Now team to talk about anything going when you want. The FB Live brings the weeks work together and clarity for the group. The zoom call gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts and ask any questions to group and Michael Fabber. Finally, the two coaching calls gets you one on one time with Michael Fabber and AJ Vassar for the other where he explains how to get in front of your people while spending no money or possibly even making some just to gain leads and clients. It is a no brainer for all in business or thinking of opening one.


Learn how to find your target market. You do not have to create customers and we will show you how you can get in front of them though.

How to stop the scroll, stick your ideal client, get them hooked by your story to become a support, not just a customer.

The no way to say no offer. How to place an offer that makes the ideal customer beg to sign up immediately.

Show that you are an authority in your space. People want to be with the ones that know the space.

Systems win. Walk through how to create systems that can make sales on repeat for your business.

Winning culture. Creating the culture that makes it possible to have your business run smooth while you enjoy some freedom.