Author Course

Step by step you create, write, promote and proceed with publishing options within 30 days. In one month, you create the purpose of your book and the outline to fill the pages with your content. The way to make it unique and bring out authenticity and identity while directing the readers to the next step with you. The options you have in the publishing world and connections to explore the best option for you. We help with the most important part- promotion and selling options. Write your book with a group of people all going through the same process while having some of the UnleashU Now family guide you with the experiences of writing over a dozen books. Write something that will last for all time.


Become an International Professional Speaker: Show the world what you got. You will be speaking in one of the UnleashU Now showcases in Columbia (or different location internationally) where event planners and hosts get to see you skills. You will also have the chance to get a spot on the UnleashU Now main stage conference in the USA.

Meet actual event planners and hosts: You will meet multiple event planners and hosts that have spent millions on speakers for their events. Not only do we show you how to apply, we show you how to build the relationships that can lead to them asking you to speak without applying.

Learn how to craft a presentation that gets your point across and leaves the audience wanting more of you. We will show you how to craft a story and how to have the outline set so you can do so in minutes.

Have the UnleashU Now team show you how to perfect a media kit and walk you through a one sheet that dominates your industry.

Show you systems to find speaking opportunities and events near and far.

Show you how to craft a story to impact and attract your people