Sponsorship BenefitsSilverGoldPlatinumPremier
$1.500 - 20 QTY$4,000 - 10 QTY$8,000 - 5 QTY$12,000 - 1 QTY
Logo placement on direct mail and email promotionsYESYESYESYES
Logo placement on red carpet backdropYESYESYESYES
Your contact information at check-inYESYESYESYES
Item in Mastery Best Life, Best You 2019 Swag BagsYESYESYESYES
Logo placement on primary event signageYESYESYESYES
Logo with 50-word company description on event siteYESYESYESYES
Exhibit space at Mastery Best Life, Best You 2019NOYESYESYES
Mastery event attendee list (name, title, company, contact)NOYESYESYES
Mastery event facebook group notification to visit your company boothNOYESYESYES
Logo on Facebook group cover imageNOYESYESYES
Logo placement on event agenda given to attendeesNOYESYESYES
Logo placement on Facebook event page wallNONOYESYES
Premium exhibit location at Mastery Best Life, Best You 2019NONOYESYES
Logo placement on Best Life, Best You 2019 Snapchat FilterNONOYESYES
Your company information given to VIP and Premier SeatingNONOYESYES
Logo placement on attendee name badgesNONOYESYES
10-minute guest blog appearance on UNLEASHU podcastNONOYESYES
Logo displayed at an add-on eventNONOYESYES
2 General Admission passes with all the add-on's NONONOYES
Prominent company logo placement on event stage signageNONONOYES
10-minute presentation/meet & greet with UnleashU Mastermind GroupNONONOYES
(On Stage) Company recognition throughout Mastery event durationNONONOYES
Breakout Workshop session slot (1 HOUR!!) for company presentationNONONOYES
Logo displayed at Thursdays's Mastermind SessionNONONOYES

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